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If anything, he is too nice.

Clean enough, physically and metaphorically, to be the pin-up boy for Nivea and not dirty enough in his chosen profession to commit any acts more outrageous than becoming involved in the kind of verbal exchange Lady wants nsa Pink Diego Costa that is an occupational hazard for anyone who plays against Chelsea's brilliant pantomime villain. He doesn't drink and he looks after.

Whatever the criticism that has come his way as a footballer on what has been a testing journey to get to where he is now, you would be Looking for pressed to find any of his character and yet here he is, slap, bang in the middle of a scandal considered worthy of front news.

So what then has he done?

Has he been on an all night bender which ended with him urinating on poppies laid at the cenotaph? Has he had an extra-marital affair with the wife of a team mate and shared pictures of his heinous acts? Has he been caught selling players' tickets for vastly inflated prices Adult want sex CA Eagle mountain 92239 pocketing the proceeds?

He went to a lap dancing bar, had nothing mount gambier escort rimming drink, broke no laws and caused no trouble.

That really is it. Never mind that neither he nor Lallana had actually done anything worthy of public.

If anything, their mile round trip to visit a Bournemouth strip club should raise eyebrows because it was so uneventful.

That, though, is the kind of night you Xxx Amsterdam beach cams expect Henderson and Lallana to. Hell raisers they are not.

In the caustic atmosphere created by Rooney drinking beer into the early hours, though, even seemingly anodyne behaviour becomes fair game, something the FA might have realised when they decided to in with the chorus of disapproval that was engulfing the Manchester United forward.

Wednesday's Sun front : — Nick Sutton suttonnick November Pussy osceola millls. Swinging., Puritanism now reigns and those of us who live in glass houses can throw as many stones as we like as long as we aim them at anyone who just happens to be a professional footballer.

Free to make light of whatever they do well and go heavy on any perceived failing, they exist not only to provide us with entertainment on a match day but also to give us a happy ending massage medicine hat of moral superiority whenever they lapse in a way that anyone who is living any kind of life should be able to identify.

It is in that sanctimonious atmosphere that frequenting a lap dancing bar — not a venue that is to everyone's taste, but let he who is without sin cast the first fantasy dollar — is deemed to be news.

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If it was virtually anyone else outside of top level government and high ranking religious figures, no-one would bat an eyelid, but Henderson and Lallana are footballers, and Ok sex xxx Memphis still England footballers, and that, in the eyes of those with the pitchforks, makes them fair game.

What cannot be overlooked is the FA does have a rule, what necessitated its inclusion in their code of conduct is open to speculation, Cook Centerville nude girls prohibits England players from visiting strip ts while on international duty.

Like a of football's laws, though, particularly the ones that ban goalscorers from celebrating Henderson strip club their own fans and supporters from consuming alcohol inside stadiums unless they are rugby supporters watching rugby in a football stadium, it is unclear what this proscription is aimed at preventing other than enjoyment.

Who was the greatest left back in Premier League history?