what is candid photography & how it is done ?


Candid image


When a person is unaware of being photographed by a photographer is CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY or if a person is deliberately not looking at the camera while being photographed is also called Candid photography.



The image captured by way of candid photography is actually  real photography.In fact,the image you get by taking candid photography is much more real then taking pictures by standing in front of the camera and then clicking it.

So now in the age of this smart world you can easily have a candid picture of yourself.

So there are two apps from which you can do candid photography.

Now many will ask the question that why this apps are necessary,we can take candid photo even from the inbuilt camera of our smart phone!!!

Yes, you are right but you cannot do candid photography when it is needed.yes,sometimes you may succeed to take a candid photo but not always.

For example : suppose you saw some beautiful bird or you saw some action while walking through the road and you want to capture it as fast as you can,so what will you do ?

  1. You will first take the mobile phone out of your pocket,
  2. You will than unlock your screen,
  3. You will have to find the camera app in your phone if you havent created short cut of camera on your home page.
  4. Than wait for camera to be started
  5. Than adjust your camera in front of the subject
  6. And last step is clicking the button.

There is one dialogue of a hindi movie (which is best opt for this example)KARMA.In it Anil Kapoor says that ” Bhai tab tak to dushman goli maarke Chala jayega

So by the time you done all above required steps it is quite possible that your subject disappears and nothing is left for you to capture.

And above all, the real image and lively pictures comes in candid photography and not in plastic smile

So let’s discuss about this 2 apps:SNAPSHOT and QUICK CAMERA



App for candid photography

Snapshot ..capture that special moment!

You just missed to capture that special moment because your camera was not ready yet?

Launch your camera instantly, also from locked phone!

Just hold your phone as if you want to take a picture and turn screen (off and) on.

Snapshot will automatically launch your camera app and you are ready to shoot!

Snapshot App for candid photography


  1. Launch camera from locked phone!
    Select your favorite camera app (secure lockscreen will not support all apps)
  2. Launch different camera apps just by holding your phone it in different ways
  3. Almost zero battery consumption!
  4. Turn screen (off and) on to activate
  5. Hold in correct position to launch camera
  6. Different activation positions
  7. Recognition delay


Generally snap shot is used when you want to open camera app very fast when your phone is locked.

But QUICK CAMERA is used when you don’t have any time to think also about the appearance of the photo which you will click,you just want to click as soon as possible and want to take a chance,that’s it.

About Quick Camera

An extremely quick camera with a float camera button.

This app provides a camera button always on the top of the screen!

Whatever you are doing (playing games, surfing the internet, or use any other apps) on the phone, you can click this float button to take a picture immediately.

Never miss any scene that is worth capturing.


  1. Extremely fast, autofocus, high quality image.
  2. Support silent mode. No sound, no flash, even NO PREVIEW!
  3. Captured pictures are saved on SD card. You can view photos on
  4. “QuickCamera” sub directory of the Gallery.
  5. Quick Camera has some custom options; you can change appearance of the camera button icon, such as size, auto hide and transparency.
  6. You can make the camera button icon almost invisible by setting icon transparency!
  7. The float button could be put anywhere on the screen, just long click the icon, then drag and drop it to change its position.
  8. Support shake control. Shake your phone to show or hide the float button.

  9. Note:

    1. May not work on some phone models.
    2. Both these apps are not the replacement of your original camera in the phone.
    3. It is only meant to take the feelings of candid photography.

    Let’s look how the first Indian female photographer HOMAI VYARAWALLA had taken the superb candid photography in there era of without technology.

    Her favourite subject was PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU.

    You can google to HOMAI VYARAWALLA to see their awesome candid photography.

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    what is candid photography & how it is done ?   (2adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); So there are two apps from which you can do candid photography. Now many will ask the question that why this apps are necessary,we can take candid photo even from the inbuilt camera of our smart phone!!! Yes,...