Real secrets of the WINDOWS is that we can easily customize it in the way we like.Once you customize your Windows TASKBAR according to your work then it will be very easy to work on it as per your daily needs.

Ok then let’s start

There are many types of settings in your computer but mainly if you set this 3 settings then you are done with most of the things.TASKBAR SETTINGS,NOTIFICATION AREA SETTING,TOOLBAR SETTINGS.(Here we will discuss all three topics in short)


If you are using Windows 7 or  more version,just see the bottom of your screen there you will see TASKBAR  in between the start button and clock,calender button.Before we start using computer the first phase is to set our Taskbar.When we opens any program or a window,the ICON of that particular program remains in that Taskbar as long as that program or windows are open.You must be knowing that we can go to different types of program or Windows by pressing CONTROL KEY TAB KEY.


1.QUESTION:How to transfer the icon of the program which you are using very frequently in the




ANSWER:Drag the ICON of that particular program with the help of MOUSE from your desktop or from the start menu to the TASKBAR and release the mouse.In this way your daily needs programs automatically saved in the Taskbar and you can start your program with just a click on TASKBAR.

2.QUESTION:How to set TASKBAR icon in any side on the screen?

ANSWER:It is not necessary to have the TASKBAR icon in the bottom of the screen only,infact you can change the place of the TASKBAR any where,may be you can set on the top of the screen or in the bottom of your screen as the first or middle or in the last.You can also make it invisible if you want.

  • Right click on the open space of the TASKBAR
  • click on PROPERTIES
    Taskbar settings

    Taskbar and start menu properties

  • click on TASKBAR tab in an open menu
  • You will see different settings under TASKBAR APPEARANCE (set according to your convenience)
  • You will see LOCK THE TASKBAR,this feature you can use to lock the TASKBAR on the place you want to set permanently.
  • You will also see AUTO-HIDE THE TASKBAR,when you will enable this feature your TASKBAR will be disappear in any Windows you are using.You can only see the TASKBAR when you drag your mouse in that particular place where you had set your TASKBAR.
  • By using USE SMALL ICONS,it will make your Icon smaller in size.
  • TASKBAR LOCATION ON SCREEN,This feature is used to set tthe TASKBAR icon anywhere you want to set on the screen.But if you had locked it earlier then you won’t be able to drag unless you unlocked it.


The area to the right side of the TASKBAR is a Notification Area and it’s also called ‘SYSTEM TREY’ or ‘TASKBAR STATUS AREA’.Here you will see all the programs and its updates which are running in the background of your computer Windows.(same as the notification shutter of the smart phone)

Here in this notification area you will see different icons of speakers,power option (for laptops only),network connection,antivirus program,update notification,etc.Over and above you will also see the icons of different programs which you are using in your personal computers.for e.g. If you are using uploaders of google drive or google photos then that icons will also appears in this notification area.


Notification area settings

In normal conditions there are two parts of the notification area,in first part you can see all your visible icons,and in second part all the icons are hidden in an opposite shape triangle.You can see all that hidden icon by clicking on that reverse triangle.

If you found so many icons on your screen then you can drag that icon to that triangle and make it hide the icons you want.You can also hide or see all the icons you want by clicking CUSTOMIZE link in the hidden Windows or you can also click on CUSTOMIZE button in notification area of a TASKBAR properties.

If you enable the option ALWAYS SHOW ALL ICONS AND NOTIFICATION ON THE TASKBAR in the customization window then nothing will be hidden in your notification area.

You can also on or off certain icons like clock,volume,network,power,action center,etc by enable or not enable the choice in customization window of the notification area by clicking TURN SYSTEM ICONS ON OR OFF.

Notification area

Notification area settings



Notification system icons

If at all you are using wide screen option then it is better to hide some of the notification icons.As by doing this the  TASKBAR area will show more space and you can use that space for using more facilities in the Taskbar.


You can make your task easy by adding or activating some tools in your TASKBAR.This will help you to open your file or window in a single click.

  • Right click in an open space of TASKBAR
  • Drag your mouse on TOOLBARS and it will open another menu in which you will see ADDRESS,LINKS,TABLET PC INPUT PANEL,DESKTOP,LANGUAGE BAR AND NEW TOOLBAR.

    Settings of TASKBAR

ADDRESS TOOLBAR:By enabling address toolbar,you will see a search box near the notification area,by writing any web address in that search box,it will open that site in a new tab from your default browser.

LINKS TOOLBAR:It is now not much in use unless you are using INTERNET EXPLORER for browsing.Here you can see all that links which you had marked favorite as a bookmark.

TABLET PC INPUT TOOLBAR: This toolbar is of no use for us.


  • This tool bar is very useful and an important toolbar out of all because by enabling it you can goToolbar area settingsto all your desktop files,folders,shortcut,etc directly from the TASKBAR itself from your current working window only,you do not have to close your current program or window for that.
  • Second most important use is that you can add a new toolbar from this particular tool.When you select this desktop toolbar,it will open the windows explorer.Here you can add that different folders which you are using frequently.You can select one by one each folder and can add to TASKBAR as a tools.

  • Now after adding your important folder when you click your folder in the Taskbar you can directly see those folders,subfolders,files from within only.

This way you can easily reach to your important files and folders.

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Real secrets of the WINDOWS is that we can easily customize it in the way we like.Once you customize your Windows TASKBAR according to your work then it will be very easy to work on it as per your daily needs. Ok then let's start There are many types of settings in...